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“Believe in Belieff, because Belieff keeps you warm!”

‘Therefore you stay on the couch’

The Cozy-Blanket helps you to stay warm without the use of heat because of the double lined blanket with extra thick padding. The Cozy-Blanket is available in an array of different sizes and colors.
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‘Therefore you stay in the dugout’

The Dug-Blanket has been developed to keep the players who are sitting off field warm during training and matches throughout the colder seasons. The Dug-Blanket is of top quality and has an integrated insulating foot muff. The foot muff is designed so that players can step in and out quickly to return to the field.
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‘Therefore you stay on the stands’

The Club-Blanket from Belieff is printed in all colors and/or with the logo of your favorite football team. The blanket shows off your dedication to your team, provides warmth, is compact, and easy to wash. You can buy the Club-Blanket in your football team’s fan store.
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‘Therefore you stay in the skybox’

The Business-Blanket from Belieff is an original business gift that your clients can truly use. With the Business-Blanket from Belieff you will help keep your clients comfortable during outdoor games and also promote your company in an eye-catching and unique way.
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‘Therefore you stay on the terrace’

Belieff has developed the Catering-Blanket for the hotel and catering industry. The Catering-Blanket ensures that your customers can enjoy the outdoor terrace when the temperatures drop. Due to the top quality of the blanket, the blanket offers warmth without the use of expensive heaters.
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