Belieff keeps you warm

Blankets and warmth in an effective, sustainable and stylish way

Cold weather is a thing of the past

5-year warranty

World wide shipping

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Fast delivery

Free shipping

Within the EU

Fast delivery

Ordered before 4 p.m., shipped same day (everywhere)

A warmth blanket for every moment

Cozy blankets

No high heating costs, but nice and warm


Outdoor blankets

To stay warm during cold(er) days


Dug blankets

Staying warm in the dugout


Fleece blankets

Colder evenings on the couch or on the go


Wheelchair blankets

To stay warm outside in the wheelchair


Kids blankets

To stay warm for all outdoor activities.


The most relaxed comfort

Cozy blanket for at home and on the couch

With a cozy blanket, you always sit with the most comfort. Whether you’re lying on the couch, sitting in the garden or just sitting at the table. View our blanket for the couch here and start enjoying!

RKC Waalwijk

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“The heat blankets help optimize the performance of our players. Especially in the cold winter months, it is important to keep the legs warm, and with these blankets, this works very well. We are satisfied with Belieff’s quality and service and have already received several positive comments from our players.”

Frank van Mosselveld

Managing director RKC Waalwijk

Indoor Blankets

Nice and warm for indoors


Outdoor Blankets

Braving the cold outside


#1 supplier of the Eredivisie

We are proud to be the number 1 supplier of dug blankets for professional soccer in the Netherlands. In the map you can see exactly which clubs are kept warm by Belieff. As you can see, we are also already in Belgium!

A logo can be seen for each club we have delivered to. From the stars you can see how often we have delivered to a club. As you can see, at some clubs we have already returned 3 times. Our customers are happy with the product and keep coming back for more heat.

Are you looking for extra warmth for switch players at the sports field? Would you also like to offer your club or sponsors promotional opportunities in an original way? Then request a no-obligation quote and contact us.

Premier league and kitchen league

Space for promotion

Fewer injuries!

Belieff blankets business use?


Specially designed for switch players and fans



Sitting on the patio with cold temperatures



Specially designed for mobility


Belieff keeps you warm

Cold weather is a thing of the past

Also known from:

Collection of outdoor blankets 2022/23

Heating element – Electric heating

To get even warmer with our warming blanket, you can opt for an extra, namely a heating element. You can attach this heating element to the blanket using a strap and warm your body up to a maximum of 42 degrees.

The element provides extra warmth for your back, abdomen and feet. You can heat yourself for up to 3 hours with this. It’s perfect to pair with one of our blankets to guarantee you won’t be cold again. The electric heater also works well as a heated seat! Check out the element on this page.

A warming blanket from Belieff

With a warming blanket from Belieff, you’re always in the right place. Whether you still want to sit outside in the late hours or turn the heating down a degree for the environment? With heat blankets, you provide yourself with the most relaxing comfort.

The heat blankets are double-lined and feature both hand pockets and foot protection. In addition, the heat blanket is wind and waterproof, making it great for the garden or on the go.

One question we often get is whether the heating blanket gets dirty easily. Therefore, each blanket features a dirt-repellent soft-shell on the outside. In addition, they are very easy to wash, just in the washing machine.

You can use your warming blanket for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Getting cozy on the couch
  • Contributing to a better environment by turning down the heating
  • Contribute to a fuller wallet by turning down the heating
  • Enjoying the garden until the wee hours of the morning
  • Warm behind your desk at work
  • Delicious for in the car or on the go

With a warming blanket, you will never be cold again. For the home, heat blankets are a good solution, but they are also very handy on the road or in the office. This is because the click and roll system makes the heat blankets easy to carry. They take up almost no space.

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