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About Belieff

Belieff aspires to keep everyone warm in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. We do this with our unique blankets. Belieff blankets can be used during any sporting event, all outdoor locations, in dug-outs, along the sports field, on restaurant terraces, or at home. All Belieff products are custom made, have a unique design and are made of high quality materials. The blankets are produced with a double lining of fabric of your choosing. Do you like wool, (imitation) fur, fleece, or another materials? You can customise the blanket material as well. All materials used are easy to wash and are also moisture-and stain-resistant. Because the bottoms of the blankets have a foot muff, you can simply step in and out of the blanket while keeping your feet warm. You can customize the colors, logos, and company names. In this way, each blanket has a unique design to uniquely display the image of your organization or sports association. The blankets can also be used for commercial or promotional purposes.

Why Belieff?

  • Extra warmth under all circumstances
  • Custom made
  • Choise of all kinds of material
  • Choise of all colours and prints