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Founder Rick van Geloven speaks

If I had to take a seat in the Dug-out while playing football in the winter months, I got freezing cold and especially my feet and hands suffered! It was difficult to get into the field warm, despite warming up, which increased the risk of injuries. There were no products available at the time that offered enough heat and were practical to take to the field “. My name is Rick van Geloven and at the age of 17 (2011) I started developing my dream, to find a solution to provide warmth and comfort in the Dug-out during the cold winter months. My ambitions grew and my dreams got bigger and bigger. This means that to this day we continue to adapt our products to the needs and wishes of our customers, so that they can be used in more and more places. Every day we strive to achieve even better results and thus achieve our dreams.

Belieff - Over ons
Belieff - Over ons

Why Belieff?

We at Belieff believe that everyone has the right to warmth, in a simple, effective and stylish way!

By means of beautiful designs, made of outdoor materials and sustainable products, we make products that are easy to carry and we believe in their warmth that can be used for all purposes.

By continuously innovating and listening to the needs of our customers / users, Belieff can continue to produce products that perfectly match the versatility and needs of people.

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  • World wide shipping

  • 9.3 customer rating

  • Guaranteed warmth
  • Sustainable blankets


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 Belieff - warme dekens

Belieff - warme dekens