You can sit on the terrace with a hospitality blanket

Belieff has developed the Catering Blanket for catering establishments. The Horeca Blanket ensures that your customers can also enjoy the outdoor terrace when the temperatures drop. As we know, the temperature can drop considerably in the Dutch fall or winter! Now there is a possibility to sit on the terrace and enjoy the fresh air.

  • No use of expensive patio heaters

  • Integrated insulating footmuff for extra comfort

  • Fire resistant, moisture and dirt resistant

  • Color & logo printing options as desired

Catering blanket - Belieff

Catering blanket – warm on the terrace

Due to the top quality of the blanket, it offers a lot of warmth and you do not need to use expensive terrace heaters. The Horeca Blanket is fire-resistant, moisture and dirt-repellent and has an integrated insulating footmuff for extra comfort. Thanks to the free bags supplied, the blankets can easily be stored after use. The Horeca Blanket provides extra sales and is ideal for smokers or for people who like to sit outside throughout the year. Are you looking for extra warmth for your customers so that they can enjoy your outdoor terrace endlessly without drastically increasing your energy costs? Request a free quote or contact us.

Catering blanket – unique promotion and sponsorship options

In addition to that customers can enjoy a delicious drink on the terrace, the hospitality blanket offers the unique opportunity to promote and sponsor. Every passerby will remember these personalized blankets, because it is uniquely printed with your corporate identity, logo or partners. An original uniform and eye-catching way to stand out from the competition.