Catering blanket

Belieff has developed the Catering-Blanket for the hotel and catering industry. The Catering-Blanket ensures that your customers can enjoy the outdoor terrace when the temperatures drop. Due to the top quality of the blanket, the blanket offers warmth without the use of expensive heaters. The Catering-Blanket is fire-resistant, moisture, and waste-resistant and has an integrated insulating foot muff for extra comfort. The blanket can be designed in the colors of your choice and can be printed with your company logo. You will receive a free storage bag with each blanket so it can easily be stored after each use. The Catering-Blanket is perfect for smokers or for people who love to sit outside throughout the whole year. Are you looking for extra warmth for your customers so that they can enjoy your outdoor terrace all year round while keeping your energy costs down? Ask for a free quotation or contact us.

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