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Dug blanket

The Dug-Blanket has been developed to keep the players who are sitting off field warm during training and matches throughout the colder seasons. If substitute players are not active in movement, they cool off quickly. Unfortunately, Belieff cannot give these players more minutes of play, but we can make time spent in the dug-out as pleasant as possible. The Dug-Blanket is of top quality and has an integrated insulating foot muff. The foot muff is designed so that players can step in and out quickly to return to the field. The Dug-Blanket provides maximum warmth for the whole body, making endless thick layers a thing of the past. In addition to keeping players warm, the Dug-Blanket also offers a unique promotional opportunity for sponsors. The blankets can be customized completely with logos, branding and/or names of sponsors clearly visible on the outside of the blanket. All players sit in the same blanket in the dug-out, making it an original, uniform, and eye-catching way of promotion. Are you looking for extra warmth for substitute or reserve players sitting along the sports field? Would you also like to use the original sponsor promotion opportunities the Dug-Blanket offers? Ask for a free quotation or contact us.

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