Dug blanket with footmuff and promotion

The Dug-Blanket has been developed to keep the players who are sitting off field warm during training and matches throughout the colder seasons. If substitute players are not active in movement, they cool off quickly. Unfortunately, Belieff cannot give these players more minutes of play, but we can make time spent in the dug-out as pleasant as possible. The sports blankets is of top quality and has an integrated insulating foot muff. The foot muff is designed so that players can step in and out quickly to return to the field.

  • Integrated insulating footmuff

  • Easy steps in and out

  • Maximum heat for the entire body

  • Promotional opportunity for sponsors

Dug out blanket with integrated insulating footmuff

The Dug-Blanket, also known as a dug-out blanket, is of top quality and has an integrated insulating footmuff, which also keeps the feet of players warm. The footmuff is designed so that players can easily get in and out of it, to get ready as quickly as possible to enter the field. The Dug-Blanket offers maximum heat for the entire body, making endlessly thick layers of awkward clothes a thing of the past.

Are you looking for extra heat for substitutes on the sports field? Do you want to offer your club or sponsors promotion opportunities in an original way? Request a quotation without obligation or contact us for unique sports blankets.


Sports blankets with promotional opportunities for sponsors

In addition to keeping players warm, the Dug-Blanket also offers a unique promotional opportunity for sponsors. The blankets can be customized completely with logos, branding and/or names of sponsors clearly visible on the outside of the blanket. All players sit in the same blanket in the dug-out, making it an original, uniform, and eye-catching way of promotion. Are you looking for extra warmth for substitute or reserve players sitting along the sports field? Would you also like to use the original sponsor promotion opportunities the Dug out blanket offers? Ask for a free quotation or contact us.


Colors dug blanket

You can put together the colors of the inside and outside of your dug blanket yourself. Standard they are supplied in black, gray dark blue, light gray, blue turquoise, light green, pink and red.

In addition to the wide range of colors, it is also possible to have the dug blanket printed with club logos, sponsors, names or whatever you want.


You can easily clean the outside and the inside of the footmuff with a cloth. The dug blanket is also suitable for the washing machine. You wash it safely at 30 degrees. Not suitable for the dryer.

Our clients with warm dug out blankets

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Our clients with warm sports blankets

I can tell you that the dug-blanket really likes it, as a player there is nothing as annoying as cold shivering with stones on the bench to sit, and then also have to fall cold, a very pleasant!

Harm Zeinstra, Voormalig SC cambuur

I liked the Dug blanket. Previously, we used regular blankets, but they do not keep you as warm as the Dug-rug. In addition, the Dug blanket ensures that your feet stay warm. Going into the field with cold feet is very annoying, with the Dug-blanket this is no longer an issue.

logo fc emmen - Belieff-2Danny Bouws, Voormalig FC Emmen

Dug blanket in action at SC Cambuur