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Yoep Schmit is a Pro Windsurfer ranked 5th in the world. Belieff keeps him warm when he’s not flying over the water with his board. This keeps his muscles warm and prevents unwanted injuries. We are very happy that Yoep likes our softshell poncho positively.

  • Hand pockets + a pocket for your belongings

  • Easy to clean with a cloth

  • Fewer injuries by keeping your muscles warm

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Our warm poncho’s

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Different types of surf ponchos

Not everyone has the same preferences when it comes to outdoor clothing. For example, after practicing water sports, one would like to wear something soft, while the other prefers to wear something warm. To meet all these different preferences, you will find four different outdoor ponchos in our range. We would like to tell you more about this below:

  • Softshell poncho
    The outside of this surf poncho consists of wind- and waterproof fabric that breathes well and is lined with soft fabrics on the inside. This makes this poncho ideal for rainy days or when temperatures drop later in the day.
  • Softshell Green Label poncho
    The same properties as the softshell poncho, but produced from 100% recycled material. This makes this beach poncho a sustainable solution for everyone.
  • Bath cloth poncho
    As the name suggests, the terry cloth poncho is made of terry cloth material. It absorbs water when you just come out of the water, after which you can easily dry yourself.
  • Teddy poncho
    Finally, there is the teddy poncho which is made of ultra soft fabric. This material does not absorb water, but is wonderful to walk around in during a day at the beach.
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Surf ponchos printed with your company logo

It is of course also possible for surf shops and water sports brands to hang our surf ponchos with your own company logo in the store. We make the ponchos private label, making this a fun way to promote your own brand. Ideal for example to give to a student or to let your staff walk in.

In addition, it is also a wonderful idea for sports competitions. Today, more and more companies participate in various sports competitions. You can think of a marathon, sailing or surfing. The main reason that companies participate in this is because of their name recognition. If you as a company want to participate in a sports competition well prepared, you can choose to give a poncho to all your participating colleagues.

This allows them to keep their muscles warm before the competition, while the towel poncho ensures that the muscles do not cool down too quickly. Ideal to prevent possible injuries. Moreover, it is possible to print the ponchos with the logo of your company. That way you are always visible during a sports match and you immediately increase brand awareness. A real win-win if you ask us!

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Stay warm during the coldest days

We Dutch know better than anyone that the summer in our small frog country is treacherous. One year it is sweltering hot, while a year later we can’t take the shorts out of the closet for months. By using durable softshell material it is even possible to enjoy nature even during the coldest days of the year. The special combination ensures that your body does not cool down. It is not without reason that the terry cloth poncho has been immensely popular among surfers for years.

The advantages of a practical surf poncho

When you consider getting a surf poncho for the colder days of the year, it is of course very important to know exactly what the many advantages are. At Belieff, we know better than anyone that water sports enthusiasts have a strong preference for practical clothing, equipment and accessories. That is why all our surf ponchos are designed in a practical way. We would like to explain all the useful advantages below:

  • Multiple pockets for ultimate storage convenience
    All our ponchos have double kangaroo pockets with which you can easily store all your belongings as soon as you enter the water. For example, there is a large compartment at the front of the outdoor clothing in which you can store your keys, telephone and sunscreen, for example. The second pocket is slightly smaller and is mainly intended to keep your hands warm. Of course it is also possible to use this bag to store even more stuff. That way you always have your supplies in one fixed place!
  • Easy to roll up for travel
    Do you often go on a holiday in the sun by plane? Then you don’t have to worry about packing your suitcase with the towel poncho. This outdoor clothing is easy to roll up, so that it takes up as little storage space as possible. You can store the poncho by rolling the whole thing into the hood. After this you can tighten the cord in no time, so that it stays in place. Thanks to this compact size, it is possible to take the towel poncho anywhere.
  • Wash in the washing machine
    After practicing your favorite water sport you will notice that your surf poncho has quickly become dirty. During the day, this outdoor clothing not only collects sand, but also salty seawater and sweat. As a result, your beach poncho will soon be ready for a refreshing wash. Fortunately, you can wash the surf poncho without worry in the washing machine on a program of maximum 30 degrees. After washing, the terry cloth poncho can be put in the dryer, but you must let the softshell poncho dry outside. Can your terry cloth poncho last another round after use? Then you can choose to clean both the inside and the outside with a damp cloth.

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Do you want to buy a warm softshell or terry cloth poncho for your beach days? Then you are definitely in the right place with the Dutch brand Belieff. In our range you will find various beach ponchos that will keep you warm even during the colder days of the year. We also have outdoor blankets, dug out blankets and picnic blankets. Basically everything you need as an adventurer to fully enjoy various outdoor activities. In addition, you always get free shipping within the Netherlands. Do you have any questions about one of our outdoor products? Then you can contact our expert customer service during working days. With all these advantages, you will of course buy a softshell terry cloth poncho at Belieff so that you can enjoy nature carefree soon.

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