Heating with cushion and cover


✓ Wind and waterproof
✓ Heats for 3 hours, 35-42 degrees
✓ Dirt-resistant soft-shell material on the outside
✓ 3000 mAh battery and charger included
✓ Provides heat for the back / abdomen / feet / hands
✓ Velcro attachment to the blanket
✓ Sits comfortably for longer periods
✓ Afmeting: L 38 X B 56,

Open warm deken van Belieff 2 year warranty
Open warm deken van Belieff 14 days to change your mind
Open warm deken van Belieff Delivery in EU 2-5 days 
Open warm deken van Belieff Delivery in USA + Canada 1 week

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Electric heating with cushion and cover for every blanket

Energy is no longer lost to the outside air, because users isolate the heat when sitting on the Belieff heating element. This not only saves energy, but it also provides more warmth and comfort! The electric heating is equipped with a battery that ensures that your body is heated to max. 42 degrees and 3 hours. The heating element is provided with a band with which it can be attached to the blanket.

The cover is easy to attach to the blanket

Mounting options in the footmuff, thighs, torso and / or buttocks. The heating element spreads pleasant warmth and protects you against the cold days in the indoor and outdoor! Order your heat solution for the cold days here! Belieff, prepared for your adventure! * When purchasing larger numbers, different prices apply and we can personalize it with logos and house styles, ask for the possibilities without obligation.

Do you want to wash the cover?

If you remove the pillow from the cover, you can wash it gently in the washing machine. The sturdy soft-shell material ensures that it stays good and beautiful.

The cover of the heating element is made of strong soft-shell material and can take a beating

Not only is the blanket warm, but also made of sturdy soft-shell material. This is easy to clean with a cloth if you do not have a washing machine nearby. This allows you to wear it in any weather, without having to worry about the cold.

Take away heating pillow and cover on the way?

The heating element is very easy to roll up and secure with a click system. This means it takes up almost no space and is easy to store or to take outside.

Combine heating with a warm blanket?

Blankets are often purchased in combination with electric heating. The heating cushion can be placed via the sewn-on velcro strip, which you can attach to the blanket in various ways. Order your open blanket, blanket with footmuff or blanket with PVC backing here!

Do you also want to buy heating for your family or friends?

* When purchasing from 5 heating elements / blankets different prices apply and we can personalize it with logos and house styles, ask here for the possibilities without obligation.

Belieff, prepared for your adventure!

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