Kids outdoor blanket


Wind and waterproof
Double lined
Warm fleece blanket with hand pockets
✓ Dirt-resistant soft-shell material on the outside
Roll and click storage system
100% washing machine proof
Upgrade: possible with electric heating
Length: 100 cm – width: 73 cm

Open warm deken van Belieff 2 year warranty
Open warm deken van Belieff 14 days to change your mind
Open warm deken van Belieff Delivery in EU 2-5 days 
Open warm deken van Belieff Delivery in USA + Canada 1 week

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Wind and waterproof blanket for children, you will sit in front of it

It’s never nice to sit outside in the cold. Your hands and feet will be cold first, because they protrude and all your heat is transferred to the trunk. Thanks to the Belieff blankets, this is now a thing of the past, thanks to a warm double-lined blanket and warm hand pockets. This way, everyone is warm and comfortable during the cold winter months, regardless of the weather conditions. When we experience warmth on hands and feet we are more resistant to the coldest days inside and out.

The inside of warm double-lined fleece. The outside is sturdy and dirt-repellent soft-shell material.

The inside is designed to keep you warm and feel soft when played. It is double lined so you don’t have to worry about the weather. The material on the outside is made of soft-shell and is dirt and water-repellent. The perfect combination!

Children’s Blanket – Belieff

Want to take your kids blanket with you or put it away?

The double-lined blanket is very easy to roll up and can be made enormously with a click storage system. This makes the blanket take up minimal space and makes it easy to store or take it outside yourself.

Children’s blanket open

Do you want to wash the kids blanket in the washing machine?

Of course the blankets can be fast if it is used a lot. Fortunately it is very easy to clean. This is possible with a cloth along the inside and outside of the blanket. Moreover, the blanket is 100% washing-machine-resistant. Throw it without worry in the washing machine at 40 degrees.

Combine a child’s blanket with electric heating?

Blankets are often purchased in combination with electric heating. This heats up to 3 hours with 35-42 degrees! You can buy this with a pillow and cover. They can be easily attached via the sewn-on Velcro strip on the inside of the blanket. Order the extra heat for the cold days here!

Children heat pillows and covers

Buying a children’s blanket for your family of friends?

* When purchasing from 5 blankets different prices apply and we can personalize it with logos and house styles, ask here for the possibilities without obligation.

Belieff, prepared for your adventure!


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