Belieff Warm Teddy poncho

Belieff Warm Teddy poncho


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Also suitable for at home on the couch

Warm from the inside and outside

Hand pockets + convenient front pocket

100% washing machine resistant

Dimension: W 80 x H 110

Teddy towel poncho

Do you enjoy going to the beach for a day to unwind? Then the teddy towel poncho is perfect for you. In fact, this beach poncho is made of the softest terry cloth for ultimate comfort. Despite not absorbing water, this poncho is perfect to wear during the colder evening hours at the beach. Ideal if you want to enjoy the sea longer or catch a sunset. The soft and warm fabric of the beach pocho also keeps your body optimally warm. Order quickly the incredibly comfortable teddy poncho from Belieff and who knows, you might soon be on the beach for longer!

The advantages of the teddy poncho

When you are considering buying a teddy poncho, it is of course incredibly important to know what benefits this beach poncho brings. To keep things clear, you’ll find all the benefits listed below:

Multiple pockets for the ultimate in storage convenience
All our towel ponchos feature double kangaroo pockets that allow you to easily store all your belongings once you start practicing your favorite water sport. For example, the large front pocket allows you to easily store your phone, while the smaller pocket keeps your hands optimally warm.

Easy roll up for travel
Another advantage of our beach poncho is that it hardly takes up any space in your gym bag. In fact, you can easily roll up the pocho into a compact size. You do this by rolling the whole thing into the hood. After this, you can tighten the cord in no time to keep the towel poncho in place.

Machine washing
After a day of sunbathing at the beach, the teddy poncho may have gotten dirty. After all, sunburn, sweat and salty seawater will go into it once you decide to keep yourself warm with the towel poncho. Fortunately, the beach poncho can be washed in the washing machine on a program of up to 30 degrees without worry. Because of the ultra soft teddy terry cloth, the poncho should not be tumble-dried.

One size fits all
At Belieff, we understand better than anyone that clothing sizes can be treacherous. To prevent you from ordering the wrong size, we have made all our towel poncho in one standard unisex size. With this one size fits all, you don’t have to worry about the poncho not fitting over the years.

Performs best on beach, e.g. after kiting, surfing, swimming, diving and supping

This warm fleece poncho from Belieff features hand pockets, keeping the extremities of the body optimally warm, because when we experience warmth on our hands and feet, we are more resistant to the coldest days in the indoor and outdoors.

Buy Teddy towel poncho at Belieff

Want to buy a comfortable beach poncho? Then come to Belieff and be convinced by our silky teddy towel poncho. This poncho is made of the softest materials, making it ideal for wearing at the beach in the evening. In addition, we also have outdoor blankets, dugout blankets and picnic blankets to allow every adventurer to fully enjoy various outdoor activities. Moreover, with us you always get free shipping within the Netherlands. Order before 2 p.m.? Then your order will be shipped even the same day. That way, you can start enjoying a wonderful day at the beach with Belieff’s teddy towel poncho carefree as soon as possible.

Buy Teddy poncho with pockets for your family or friends?

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Belieff, prepared for your adventure!


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