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Stay as warm in the dugout as the premier league soccer clubs of the Netherlands.


The wheelchair blanket is great for staying warm during cold(er) days


The Hospitality Blanket ensures that your customers can also enjoy the patio in the cold.

Meet the brain behind Belieff

My name is Rick van Geloven and at the age of 17 (2011) I started developing my dream. I believe that everyone has the right to warmth, in a simple, effective and stylish way!

Through beautiful designs, made from outdoor materials and sustainable products, we create products that are easy to carry and believe in their warmth that can be used for all purposes.
Every passerby will remember these personalized blankets because it is uniquely printed with your corporate identity, logo or partners. An original uniform and eye-catching way to stand out among all the competition.

Watch Belieff’s mini docu now

We have something to celebrate with you! Indeed, we have reached the biggest milestone in five years and are happy to share it with all of you. In the mini-documentary, we take you on this journey across the country and ends with champagne!

Targeted displays on customization

More benefits blankets from Belieff

You can combine all blankets with an electric heating element
The blankets mold to your body and therefore will never get in the way
The blankets are made of soft-shell material and is water-repellent and windproof
The blankets are double lined with warm fleece
Belieff is the #1 Supplier of Eredivisie and many amateur sports clubs
We have targeted custom displays at good prices
Good service is our top priority

Other blankets

No electric heating element used in conjunction with the blankets
Often blankets are not double-lined, so you are not properly warmed
Not suitable for soccer shoes
No competition within professional sports in the Netherlands
No targeted displays that can be ordered directly

#1 supplier of the Eredivisie

We are proud to be the number 1 supplier of dug blankets for professional soccer in the Netherlands. In the map you can see exactly which clubs are kept warm by Belieff. As you can see, we are also already in Belgium!

A logo can be seen for each club we have delivered to. From the stars you can see how often we have delivered to a club. As you can see, at some clubs we have already returned 3 times. Our customers are happy with the product and keep coming back for more heat.

Are you looking for extra warmth for switch players at the sports field? Would you also like to offer your club or sponsors promotional opportunities in an original way? Then request a no-obligation quote and contact us.

Premier league and kitchen league

Space for promotion

Fewer injuries!

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