Kids blankets

The kids blanket is great for staying warm during cold(er) days for all outdoor activities. Choice of loose blanket, pvc carpet pad and the option with insulated foot bag makes these blankets unique.View product video or product information.

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Moulds to your body

The design of the kids blanket is adapted for young children. It is easy to put on. You put your feet in the foot bag which is insulated. There is no need to take off slippers or shoes because the inside has softshell, which is water- and dirt-resistant. Then pull the rest of the blanket up so that your legs and upper body are also covered.

The blanket molds well to your body and therefore will not get in the way. If desired, you can tighten the footmuff so that it fits even better.

Bringing kids blanket

You can roll the kids blanket into a small package and snap it in place with the attached strap. This makes it easy to take the kids blanket with you the moment you are not using it, and this way you are always prepared for cold or rain.


The outside, and the inside of the footmuff can be easily cleaned with a cloth. The kids blanket is also machine washable. You wash these safely at 30 degrees. Not suitable for the dryer.

Colors and printing on your outdoor blanket

The blankets come standard in the color black. Would you prefer a different color? You can! It is possible to order the color of the interior and exterior as desired. It is also possible to have the blanket printed with, for example, your name, or a company logo.
Minimum of 3 blankets per order
Color inside and outside as desired
Printing on hand pocket and/or shin height
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