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Loose blanket

This blanket, as shown in the photo, has an open back.

A blanket with underlayment

A hardened PVC underlayment for your feet.

A blanket with foot bag

A padded foot bag with a hardened bottom layer.

Dense blanket

A blanket that is completely closed in the front and back

Promotional opportunities for sponsors

In addition to being a perfect opportunity for substitute or reserve players to keep warm, the Dug Blanket also provides a unique promotional opportunity for sponsors. The printing of the blanket can be realized entirely according to your wishes, allowing logos, corporate identities or names of sponsors to be presented clearly visible on the dugout blanket. All players are in the same blanket in the dugout, making it an original, uniform and eye-catching way of promotion for sponsors.

Every passerby will remember these personalized blankets because it is uniquely printed with your corporate identity, logo or partners. An original uniform and eye-catching way to stand out among all the competition.

Printing on hand pocket and shin height
Combine with electric heating element
Lots of visibility for sponsors

Two standard printing options

Handbag: 12×12 cm

Shin height: 30 x 30 cm

Realistic example

Have custom blanket made

Do you need a different kind of heat solution than we have available in our range? No problem, we are happy to look at a suitable solution together. Our team of professionals have established a process for this to provide solution tailored team. The process is as follows:

Determine need > Patterns and drawings solution > Sample > Production > Small run > Large run

Feel free to ask about the possibilities by sending us a message. We look forward to getting to work for you. Also suitable for private label products

Moulds to your body

The sports blankets are easy to put on. You put your feet in the foot bag which is insulated. There is no need to take off slippers or shoes because the inside has softshell, which is water- and dirt-resistant. Then pull the rest of the blanket up so that your legs and upper body are also covered.

The blanket molds well to your body and therefore will not get in the way. If desired, you can tighten the footmuff so that it fits even better

Wind and waterproof soft-shell material
Warm double-lined fleece
Blanket molds to your body

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Combine with unique electric heating element

Energy is no longer lost to the outside air because users insulate heat when sitting on the Belieff heating element. Not only does this save energy, but it also provides more warmth and comfort!

The electric heating is equipped with a battery that ensures that your body is heated to up to 42 degrees and 3 hours. The heating element has a strap that allows it to be attached to the blanket.

Heating your body to up to 42 degrees for 3 hours
Strong soft-shell material and can take a beating
Attachment options in the foot bag, thighs, torso and/or buttocks.

Instructional video

More benefits blankets from Belieff

You can combine all blankets with an electric heating element
The blankets mold to your body and therefore will never get in the way
The blankets are made of soft-shell material and is water-repellent and windproof
The blankets are double lined with warm fleece
Belieff is the #1 Supplier of Eredivisie and many amateur sports clubs
We have targeted custom displays at good prices
Good service is our top priority

Other blankets

No electric heating element used in conjunction with the blankets
Often blankets are not double-lined, so you are not properly warmed
Not suitable for soccer shoes
No competition within professional sports in the Netherlands
No targeted displays that can be ordered directly

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