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Cozy warmth blanket for couch with foot pocket

Looking for a nice warm blanket for the couch? Then the cozy blankets are definitely right for you. With the sofa blankets, you have a wonderful footmuff with double lining. Therefore, this couch blanket with sleeves is great for relaxing.

The cozy blanket is everything you need to be cozy on the couch. No high heating costs, but nice and warm. The inside is lined with fleece which is pleasantly warm and soft. Watch product video or product information.

Warm blanket for the couch with electric heating

Looking for a really warm blanket for the couch? Then you can opt for electric heating. Together with sofa blankets, they warm you for up to 3 hours. The heating attaches with Velcro to the sofa blankets so you will never be cold again.

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Large blanket for the couch

With the cozy large blanket for the couch, you benefit from a double fleece lining. As a result, you are always warm and very comfortable. In addition, it is more durable than fabrics such as wool or cotton. The exterior is also soft. Thanks to the high foot pocket, your feet will never cool down and the hand pockets keep your hands nice and warm.

Couch cozy blankets are available in sizes M and XL. The sizes are made for different functions: M is made for a cozy evening on the couch when you are having a drink with friends, for example. Size XL is made for those who actually want to crawl away completely in the thick blanket for the couch.

Double-lined fleece cozy blanket
Size M and XL
Special pockets for hands and feet

Upgrade your sofa blanket with electric heating

In addition to lovely sofa blankets, you can upgrade them with electric heating. This allows you to warm up the blanket in advance and get on the couch in a lovely pre-heated blanket. You can easily operate the control panel with a single button. The heating element heats between 38 and 42 degrees.

Save money on your energy bill

With a warm blanket for the couch, you not only enjoy yourself in style. You also need less heating to get warm in your home. Your wallet will be happy with that. Especially now that prices are soaring.

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Special pockets for hands and feet

Your hands and feet are the first body parts to get cold. It is therefore good to choose a warmth blanket with sleeves and a foot bag to keep it nice and warm. With the double-lined foot bag, your feet will stay wonderfully warm. Then put your hands in the hand pockets and you are a lovely warm coal.
Double-lined foot bag
Tips of your body warm
Deliciously packed
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