Picnic blanket

The picnic blanket is perfect for relaxing on during summer days. The picnic blankets are wind and waterproof. The inside is lined with fleece which is pleasantly warm and soft. View product information.

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Double-lined with soft fleece and dirt-resistant

Belieff’s picnic blanket is specially designed for the most fun picnics! There is no need to take off shoes because the picnic blanket features softshell, which is water and dirt resistant. This means dirt rolls right off! Also, cleaning will be a breeze because you can just do it with a cloth and even throw it in the washing machine!

In addition, it is easy to carry, thanks to a convenient roll and click system. Take it carefree to any park without worrying about getting the picnic blanket dirty quickly.

Of course, it is double-lined with wonderfully warm and soft fleece. Thus, you never sit on the floor, but are well supported. No more back pain or holding many different postures!

Soft lined fleece inside
Easy to clean with a cloth
Wind and waterproof softshell material on the outside

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Belieff - Picnic blanket large 8
Belieff Picnic blanket XL – Soft lined fleece


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Belieff - Picnic blanket large 8

Usable for any situation

The picnic blanket is perfect for relaxing on during summer days. Although they have many uses, you can use them at a barbecue, children’s party, beach or camping. You can use it yourself in your car if you have dogs and want to keep the back seat clean.

You can even use it as a blanket for when you go camping. Measuring 175 cm by 140 cm, this is good for two people as a wonderfully warm blanket.

Dimensions of 175 cm by 140 cm
Multiple uses for any situation
Convenient roll and click storage system

Bringing a picnic blanket

You can roll the picnic blanket into a small package and snap it with the attached strap, as shown in the picture. This makes it easy to take the blanket with you the moment you are not using it, and as a result, you are always prepared to plop down somewhere!


You can easily clean the outside, and the inside of the picnic blanket with a cloth. The blankets are also machine washable. You wash these safely at 30 degrees. Not suitable for the dryer.
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