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Fleece blanket with foot bag

Nothing is better than to plop down on the couch and relax after a long day. With a fleece blanket with foot bag and hand pockets, you can be sure you’ll never get cold. The fleece blanket can be tightened all the way down to the hollow of your knee and is also well insulated so heat is never lost.

The material is made of 100% polyester and is therefore wonderfully soft. Moreover, it is an XL version, allowing you to wrap the blanket completely around you. No one wants to lie under a tiny blanket, do they?

Want to buy a nice warm fleece blanket? Then you’re in the right place at Belieff. Fleece blankets are perfect for those colder nights at home on the couch, in the garden or even on the go.

This thick fleece blanket comes with all the conveniences, including a foot pocket and hand pockets. You can also zip it up so you never lose heat! Watch the product video here and read on quickly for product information.

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What is fleece?

A fleece blanket is often made of 100% polyester, so is Belieff’s. This means the blanket is a lot softer than most other blankets. The material is by itself a very warm fabric and therefore very suitable for blankets, plaids and ponchos.

Our fleece blankets are highly insulating, which means you can retain heat well. Especially with the foot pocket and hand pockets of the blankets, you can be sure that no heat is lost, for example, when you stand up for a moment to grab something from the table.

An additional advantage of fleece blankets is that the material does not retain water and dries quickly. Therefore, it is easy to clean and does not begin to smell after a period of much couch-hanging. It is also convenient with drinks, any stains do not soak into the fabric as easily. Also, it is a very airy fabric so you don’t sweat so easily, which is so fresh!

Fleece plaid

Our plaid is a nice warm blanket you can get several people under. It is the simplest version of our fleece blankets, but no less warm. This blanket has no foot pockets or hand pockets and is therefore the most economical in terms of price.

However, you do, of course, benefit from the good quality of the material. You will never get cold with the fleece plaid and can use it on either the couch, in the office or at the table. So a nice fleece rug for any situation.

Large fleece blanket suitable for everyone

Our fleece blanket comes standard in the XL variant. This means that you can crawl all the way in or even sit under it for two. We recommend the blanket with foot bag for solo use and the fleece plaid for multiple people. The advantages of Belieff’s blankets are:
Thick and soft fabric made of 100% polyester
Footmuff with insulated padding

Large enough to crawl all the way in

Fleece blanket with sleeves

A fleece blanket with sleeves or fleece poncho is very suitable for those people who like to stay mobile. You put the blanket on easily and put your hands through the sleeves. This allows you to just walk around the house, use your phone or grab things off the table. Pretty convenient, otherwise you have to crawl all the way out of your hole again.

The fleece blanket with sleeves also has a hand pocket on the front, making it easy to stash your belongings as well. You will also find a hood on the poncho, so you could also call it a hoodie blanket with sleeves. This keeps even your neck and head nice and warm.

Watch the video here

So the big difference between the plaid and this blanket with sleeves is your mobility. You can use it when you’re sitting on the couch, but also when you’re doing housework, for example. It won’t get in your way when vacuuming or cleaning up. The major advantages of the fleece blanket with sleeves are:

Front hand pocket
A nice warm hoodie
To crawl all the way in
Good to use during household chores

Different versions

We only have a large fleece blanket in the XL variety, why would you want to lie under a small blanket? You also have a choice of colors, including in green, light blue, navy blue and burgundy. Always a version to suit you.

Special pockets for hands and feet

Keeping you warm is obviously important, which is why you will find hand pockets in the fleece blanket and a warm foot bag that you can tighten all the way around. The fleece poncho also has a hoodie that you can put on.

This is because the ends of your body such as your hands, feet and head get cold the fastest. Because you can crawl all the way into the blankets, this problem is completely solved at once.

Jörgen Raymann is in the thick of things

Washing a fleece blanket, how do you do it?

The blankets are all made of material to keep warm and that, fortunately, is also easy to keep clean. It already absorbs very little water, which is why washing your fleece blanket is not necessary after each session. Still, it’s good to consider the material when it’s on.

Washing your fleece blanket is very easy, but never wash at more than 30 degrees. We also advise against using fabric softener. In fact, this may cause less insulation over time.

We recommend drying a fleece blanket the natural way, not through a dryer. This is because the material dries quickly by itself and in a dryer the material can become less soft and of course we do not want that. Just hang it up and it dries quickly.

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Hopefully we have been able to convince you of the usefulness of our fleece blankets on this page. Each one is a wonderful blanket that you can use at home to never be cold again. Want to lie on the couch by yourself, with your roommates or partner or even want to walk around in a fleece blanket? With Belieff’s blankets, you’ll be fine!
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