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Warm blanket for mobility scooter

Stay warm on the mobility scooter with Belieff’s blankets. They are made of a sturdy soft-shell material and also waterproof, therefore it also functions as a waterproof cover for the mobility scooter. You can easily wash the mobility scooter blankets yourself, so they last a long time.

The mobility scooter blanket is great for staying warm during cold(er) days. With the blanket for the mobility scooter, you not only stay warm, but also protect yourself from the rain with the waterproof cover. Choice of loose blanket, pvc carpet pad and insulated footbag View product video or product information.

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Blanket molds to your body

The design of the mobility scooter blanket is adapted for mobility scooter users. This makes it very easy to put on and stay warm. Slip your feet into the insulated mobility scooter foot bag and you are guaranteed warmth. Taking off your shoes or slippers is not necessary.

The inside at your feet features a softshell. This makes mobility scooter blanket both water and dirt repellent. Then pull up the rest of the blanket and your legs and upper body are nicely covered.

The mobility scooter heat blanket also molds perfectly to your body. As a result, it will not get in the way when sitting in the mobility scooter. You can also tighten the footmuff should you need to so it’s a bit tighter.

Mobility scooter blanket with insulated foot bag and PVC underlayment

The convenient system makes it easy to insert your feet into the blanket and you are fully insulated. The double lining makes the mobility scooter heat blanket waterproof. In addition, the material breathes well so you are assured of comfort. The double softshell eliminates the need to remove your shoes. The inside is water and dirt resistant so you don’t have to bother with that. Simply pull the blanket up and your legs and upper body will stay nice and warm.

Bringing blanket for mobility scooter

You can easily roll up the blanket for the mobility scooter with the roll and click storage system. Through the attached strap, you make it into a small package that you can easily carry with you. You quickly hang onto the mobility scooter when the weather gets warmer. This makes the mobility scooter blanket easy to take with you on the go. As a result, you are always prepared for cold or rain.

Easy to wash

The inside and outside of the mobility scooter footbag are easy to clean with a cloth. The blanket is suitable for washing. You always wash safely at 30 degrees. It is not suitable for the dryer.

Rain protection mobility scooter

It is very annoying when you are just out and about and it starts to rain. This is extra annoying when you are in a mobility scooter, so protection from the rain is very important. With Belieff’s waterproof blanket for mobility scooters, you no longer have to worry about that. The blanket is waterproof and you’ll have it on in no time. Even when the weather turns nice, you’ll have the waterproof blanket for the mobility scooter stowed away in no time.

Heat blanket for mobility scooter

As you have read, Belieff’s blankets are a suitable addition to your mobility scooter. Should you just often feel very cold, consider an additional heating element. This electric heater heats for 3 hours and provides extra warmth for your back, abdomen and feet. The element is easily attached to the mobility scooter blanket with Velcro. So very suitable for the long walks with the winter weather.
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