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What is the difference between the Belieff blankets?

We have blankets for outdoor that is suitable for outdoor use and indoor Cozy products that is suitable for indoor use. We also have ponchos that can be used in different ways.

Outdoor blankets

What are the specifications of the blankets? USP

The blankets have a similarity that it has the same specification that is suitable and meant to go outside warm.

Water and wind repellent, Hand pockets, double lined, lining warm fleece, Velcro strips on the inside, roll and click system, a strap on behind your legs to attach.

Extra: Fire safety certificate!

What are the differences with the types of outdoor blankets?
The blankets all have the same specifications only the difference is in the bottom of the blanket:

Open blanket:
In this the bottom is open and on the sides the feet are protected, but the feet are just on the ground, This gives you optimal freedom of movement but is less warm at the feet than the other blankets.

Flexible bottom:
In this, a flexible plate is attached at the bottom where your feet can be placed on it and no cold is lost at the front.

Foot bag blanket:
In it, you have an insulated foot bag at the bottom that is filled with a fiberfill lining and a flexible place at the bottom, so you feet and lower body experience plenty of warmth. The footmuff rises 35 cm so that it reaches approximately the middle of your calves (depending on how tall a person is)

Closed blanket:
This blanket is closed all around and you experience the most warmth because it is completely sealed. There is a zipper on the right side that you can pull down for easy entry into the blanket.

What are the blankets made of
The blankets are made of high-quality softshell material that is breathable, water and wind repellent and double-lined with a warm fleece lining. The blankets have fireproof certification which also makes them extra safe. Ideal for hospitality or smokers.

Indoor blankets

What are indoor Cozy blankets?

Cozy blankets are made in Egypt and have high quality warm fabrics to be warm and comfortable on the couch. The Cozy blankets are unique because they have a foot pocket and hand pocket so that the end of the body is also well warm. We have the Cozy blankets in a deluxe version a fleece version:

What is the deluxe Cozy blanket version?

These Cozy blankets Deluxe are double lined blankets that available over a wool like sturdy outer fabric and inside a warm thick fleece. These blankets come in two sizes, an XL that you can roll all the way into and a medium for use when there are visitors and drinks are consumed. The advantage of these blankets are that you can upgrade it with an electric heating element. To do so, see the heating page or the landing page of the Czoy blankets

What is the fleece blanket version?

The Belieff fleece blanket version is produced from a thick warm and soft fleece and has the same fit as the XL Deluxe Cozy blanket. Great for snuggling in. These blankets, compared to the Deluxe cozy blankets, do NOT have the option of upgrading with electric heating.


What are ponchos from Belieff and how can you use it?

Ponchos from Belieff come in different materials, such as; (durable) softshell, fleece and terry cloth. Also the applicability in different situations, for example, you can use it outside after exercising, for changing outside, but also to walk around in it at home. Feel free to ask which ponchos would best suit your situation.

What are the sizes of the ponchos?
We have poncho in adult and children sizes. In general, the poncho are one size fits all.

Heating element

How does the heating element work and what can I do with it?
You can use the heating element as a separate product as a heated seat under your butt or attach the element to the blanket for an electric heating blanket.
What is included?
With the heating element, you can choose a battery on a power outlet plug. With battery it is possible to take the heating element with you and use it anywhere with the plug you can heat it at home from the socket.
How can I find more information about the heating system.What comes with it?

For more information visit our heating page
heating page


What is the Velcro on the inside of the blankets?

The Velcro on the blankets allows you to upgrade the blankets with an electric heating system. On this strip, you can stick the heating element to the blankets as desired, so you can choose where you want to experience a bit of extra warmth.

Why is there Velcro on my heating system?

The cover of the heating system also has Velcro that sticks to the blanket, so you can choose the position yourself.


How do I contact Belieff?

This can be done in several ways: Mail, phone or chat.

How did Belieff come to be?

For more information, visit the
about us page

How can I find more information about the heating system? What is included?

For more information, visit our
heating page

Also, is there somewhere I can physically view the Belieff products?

Belieff’s healthcare products have now been distributed by 70 healthcare stores that are mostly in partnership with Vegro. So check out the
site of Vegro
which physical points the Belieff outdoor/wheelchair/scooter blankets are located.

Shipping / returns

How long will it take to ship my products?
If you order before 4 p.m. it will be shipped the same day from our warehouse in Groningen. Depending on the post, it could be delivered the next day, but can sometimes be delayed by the post, we are not responsible for this.
How long do I have the right to return the item?
The item may be returned unused within 30 days, if it is a little longer we don’t bother. The return must be received in original packaging and unused/undamaged.
How can we properly process a return?
Make sure a packing slip and reason for your return is enclosed in the package. This ensures quick and proper handling.
How do I return the product?

The return policy page allows you to register a return or return to the warehouse in Groningen: Belieff, Peizerweg 97N, 9727AJ, Groningen

How long does it take for a return to be processed and refunded?
Depending on when we received the product back at our warehouse, you should allow approximately one week of processing time and 1 to 2 weeks until the money is returned to your account.
What is the cost of a return?
For the return of an item, you must bear the return cost that is 6.90. If you exchange the item there will be no return charge.
Where are the products produced?
Belieff designs and manufactures all products in-house. Products are designed in the Netherlands and produced in factories in Poland, Egypt, China, India and be able to offer you a good price for the product. Would you like to know more about this? Let us know.

Business / printing

Can I also become a reseller?

We are always looking for fun collaborations and work with over 100+ business associates to help as many people as possible be warm and comfortable in various situations.

To become a reseller you can always send us a message at or you can find more information by visiting the
business Belieff page

We look forward to a great collaboration!

Can I also print the blankets?
Our products are made so that they can be printed, embroidered or printed in various ways. To receive more information about this, you can always send us a message and we will be happy to help you.
From what quantity can I print blankets?
Printing of blankets we often handle from 5 pieces or more. We then receive the logo that is desired in an EPS file so that we can also convert it to a print file. For more questions about this, contact us.
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