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Looking for a nice electric blanket for the c ouch for the cold(er) days? Belieff’s heating element keeps you extra warm even when you go outside. The electric blanket heats to 42 degrees for 3 hours and comes with charger and battery included. Watch the product video here and read on quickly for product information.

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Electric blanket with pillow and cover

When you are outdoors, a lot of heat is often lost, even with a blanket. With a heating element, you can insulate the heat and upgrade your blanket to an electric blanket for extra comfort!

At Belieff, we have several solutions for that. For example, you can attach the heating element to your cozy blanket using a strap so that you are always nice and warm even in the coldest situations. This is delicious for both indoor and outdoor are.

In addition, you can use the electric heating blanket as a pillow. The control panel makes it easy to turn this element on and off, and you can also fold it easily. This makes it easy to take it anywhere. Very handy for example in the car, office or on the road.

Battery and charger included
Heated to a maximum of 42 degrees
3 hours long

Options for the electric blanket for the sofa

The images below show the different applications of our electric blankets. You can attach the element to warm your back or legs or as an electric underblanket so you sit nice and warm. Because you can attach the heating element all by yourself, you can heat exactly what you want.

Benefits electric blanket

Belieff’s composite electric blanket has many advantages. First of all, the quality of the material is very strong. It does not break because of this and is also very easy to wipe off with a cloth.

In addition, you can use the heating element in different ways. As an electric top blanket, it is very nice to warm your upper legs when you are sitting on the couch or in the office.

Want to crawl into bed nice and warm? Then it is also very suitable for use as an electric underblanket. You lay the element in bed before you go to sleep and always crawl into a warm nest as a result.

One of the most common uses is as a heating blanket. A nice warm element in your blanket to warm you up anywhere. Whether you’re spending an evening in the garden, working in a cold office or lounging on the couch in the evening.

Easy to attach to any blanket

Because the electric blanket has many different options, you can be sure that you can always heat what you want. So you can attach the element in the foot bag, at your thighs, torso and/or buttocks. The heat is distributed evenly and therefore protects you perfectly in the cold days, both indoors and outdoors.

Strong material and easy to keep clean

If you occasionally take an electric blanket outside, there is a chance that it could get dirty. With the strong soft-shell material, you won’t risk permanent stains. This is because the material is easy to clean with a cloth and therefore does not require a washing machine.

When you remove the pillow from the cover, you can wash it gently in the washing machine. The sturdy soft-shell material ensures that it stays good and beautiful

Buy electric blanket

Did you get excited about our heated blanket and heating elements? Then you can buy electric blankets very inexpensively through the various sets. With that, you get a big discount when you purchase a blanket and heating element!

When purchasing larger quantities, other prices apply and we can personalize it with logos and branding. This makes it a nice addition for the office, sports club or as a corporate gift. For more information to our electric blanket, please contact us without obligation for options.

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