Wheelchair blanket with isolated footmuff

The wheelchair blanket is ideal for keeping warm during cold (er) days when you go outside with your wheelchair.

The wheelchair blanket consists of softshell on the outside, which is wind- and waterproof, breathable and elastic. The inside is lined with fleece which is pleasantly warm and soft. The insulated footmuff makes these blankets unique!

  • Soft shell wind and waterproof

  • Isolated footmuff

  • Warm feet and body

  • Imprint options as desired

Wheelchair blanket with isolated footmuff

The design of the wheelchair blanket is adapted for users of a wheelchair. This makes it easy to attract. Put your feet in the footmuff which is insulated. It is not necessary to take off shoes or shoes, because the inside, where you place your feet with softshell, is water and dirt repellent. Then pull the rest of the blanket upwards so that your legs and upper body are covered.

The blanket will conform well to your body and will therefore not get in the way, for example if you move your wheelchair by turning the hoops of the wheels. If desired, you can tap the footmuff so that it fits even better.

Include wheelchair cover

You can roll up the wheelchair blanket to a small package and snap it into place with the attached strap. With this you also hang it on your wheelchair. This way you can easily take the wheelchair blanket with you when you are not using it, so you are always prepared for cold or rain.

Wheelchair blanket with isolated footmuff

The wheelchair blankets come standard in the color black or burgundy red. In addition to the color offer, it is also possible to have the blanket printed with, for example, your name or a company logo.


You can easily clean the outside and the inside of the footmuff with a cloth. The wheelchair blanket is also suitable for the washing machine. You wash it safely at 30 degrees. Not suitable for the dryer.


In the winter I used to always have a fleece cover and it still was cold. The wheelchair blanket from Belieff keeps me warm and does not suffer from cold feet or the cushions in the wheelchair. It is easy to fold and does not take up much space. Definitely recommended for the people who are in a wheelchair and often have cold in the winter

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Ordered Tuesday and delivered already! Super service and super warm blissful wheelchair cover !! Can already be tested today and it is waterproof!

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