Belieff sponsors its first national team, the riders of BMX TeamNL ???

The 13 riders of the Dutch BMX team will no longer be cold between races. Belieff sponsors the team with the warm blankets and are taken to competitions around the world. Below you can read about the team’s experience and see a few moments where the blankets are worn. We are very proud of this partnership, as it is the first national team we were privileged to supply.

“We as BMX TeamNL are very satisfied with Belieff’s heat blankets because they really help to keep the body warm. Our races are divided into several heats, allowing an average of 15-30min rest between heats.

We usually sit in our own team tent during games, and as you can imagine, it’s hard to stay warm during cold weather. Especially for us BMX’ers, it is very important to keep the muscles well warm, because everything we do on the bike in explosive and fast. If we don’t do a proper warm up and cool down too much in between, the performance will be a lot less and besides that, it is asking for injuries.

Enough reasons for us to use Belieff’s heat blankets. We as a team are also very pleased with the quality and usability of the blankets, so we are going to have a lot of fun with this.

Belieff is a pleasant company to work with because they think with you and they want to help you as quickly as possible, said Raymon van der Biezen (Head coach BMX teamNL).”

On behalf of team Belieff, we wish the riders the best of luck in all the races ahead. We hope the blankets contribute to fewer injuries and better results. We will continue to follow you and wish you immense success!

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