Production in Egypt has started

In April of 2020, Rick van Geloven went on tour of Egypt, putting together new products and getting them into production. In fact, several new collection are scheduled to be released in the spring and fall of 2021/2022. It also collaborates with larger partners, making Belieff products available around multiple locations. It must all be produced with care, which is why the trip through Egypt was looked forward to.

(f.f.r. Aly, Rick & Magmoed)

The business partner ‘Aly’ from the video is an Egyptian man who sent 4 years in Groningen at the hanze hogeschool Groningen ‘international business and languages’. Rick got in touch with Aly when they found out they were neighbors of each other, in which they got into conversation about Belieff. Aly quickly convinced Rick to take a look for the possibilities of producing the warm blankets in Egypt. Aly could not get a job in the Netherlands after his studies and was forced to return to Egypt. He handles production in Egypt for Belieff products from then on. Thus, he involved
also added his best friend Magmoed to make it a streamlined production together. Magmoed also works in his Family business making school costumes. He therefore has extensive experience with production processes and is knowledgeable about various

Meanwhile, production has started and we expect to have everything available for you by the fall of 2021, so you can have even warmer moments. Wondering who Aly and Magmoed are and what this trip was like? Then check out the vlog below and let us know what you thought.

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