What is a surf poncho and why do I need one?

A surf poncho is an essential accessory for any water sports enthusiast. Whether you are a novice wakeboarder or a seasoned professional surfer. A surf poncho offers many benefits before and after surfing. In this blog article from Belieff, read all about what a surf poncho is and why you should have one for this summer! We’ll cover the points below in this article and make sure you know how to choose the perfect surf poncho.

  • What is a surf poncho?
  • Why use a surf poncho?
  • Protection
  • What should I look for when buying a surf poncho?
  • Belieff’s best surf ponchos

What is a surf poncho?

There are several reasons to use a surf poncho. The two main reasons are warmth and privacy. For one thing, the poncho keeps you warm while you change after surfing. This is especially important and pleasant on cold days when you cool down quickly when you are just and outside by the water. Second, the poncho ensures your privacy while you change at the beach or in the parking lot. As a result, you no longer have to worry about passersby and prying eyes of others. So it is a perfect dressing room for when these are not available.


Another advantage of the poncho is that it protects you from so-called “Surfers Ear. This is a medical condition that affects the ear canal, this is common among water sports enthusiasts because their ears are constantly exposed to cold wind and cold water. With a good surf poncho you protect yourself from the elements! In addition, it is very convenient to have a good poncho during sports games. Whether you are running a marathon or competing in a surf or sailing competition, the surf poncho will keep you warm and ensure that your muscles stay warm. It makes you feel good and prevents injuries.

What should I look for when buying a surf poncho?

There are a number of factors to consider when buying a surf poncho. Below we explain the most important factors.

Material and design

Of course, the material of the surf poncho is very important. Not everyone wants the same thing from their surf poncho. For example, at Belieff we offer you a choice between different types of ponchos. At Belieff, we have soft shell ponchos that are wind and waterproof. Green label ponchos that are 100% recycled material, terry cloth ponchos for wonderful comfort and teddy ponchos that are so soft you’ll never want to take them off. Click on this link if you want to learn more about the different materials of surf ponchos.


Surf Ponchos are available in a variety of sizes, from children to adults. Make sure you choose the right size so that the poncho fits properly and you have enough freedom of movement. It should be large enough to dry yourself off with and to change into.


The hood is an important feature of a surf poncho because it protects your head and neck from wind and cold. It might be helpful to consider whether your hood will fit over your surf helmet if you are wearing it.


It’s helpful to know what all you can do with your poncho. For example, Belieff’s surf ponchos all feature double kangaroo pockets that allow you to easily store all your belongings. Very handy when you always lose everything on the beach. Also, the ponchos can be easily rolled up into a small size. You roll it in your hoodie, pull the cord and it fits in just about anywhere. Also handy to know, you can wash the surf poncho in the washing machine on a program of up to 30 degrees without worry. After washing, the terry cloth poncho can be put in the dryer. The soft shell poncho does need to be dried outside.

Belieff’s best surf ponchos

Now you know better than anyone else what a surf poncho is. By taking all the above factors into account, you can buy the best poncho that perfectly suits your surfing needs. In addition to the different types, we also offer the possibility of printing your poncho with your company logo. As a result, everyone knows where you are from and your company is visible at sporting events. Increase your brand awareness right away. A real win-win if you ask us. We are of course happy to help you if you still have questions about the different surf ponchos from Belieff.

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