Belieff kids wheelchair blanket closed

Belieff kids wheelchair blanket closed


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✓ Wind- and waterproof
✓ Double-lined fleece
✓ Warm dense blanket & hand pockets
✓ Dirt-repellent soft-shell material on the outside
✓ Roll and click storage system
✓ Suitable for studded shoes
✓ 100% machine washable
Upgrade: possible with electric heating
✓ Length: 100 cm – width: 73 cm

Wind- and waterproof blanket for kids

The dense blanket is ideal for everyone to stay nice and warm with the colder days. Belieff has specially developed the blanket to keep you warm while you sit comfortably, whatever the weather conditions. You don’t need to take off your shoes to tuck your feet into the blanket. The blanket’s material is made of softshell and is dirt- and water-resistant. Besides the foot bag, the blanket also features hand pockets, keeping all extremities of your body warm. These are the first body parts to get cold, hence the need to keep them well warm.

The inside is made of warm double-lined fleece. The outside is sturdy and dirt-repellent soft-shell material.

Not only is the blanket warm, but it is also wind- and waterproof. As a result, you can wear it in any weather without worrying about the cold. The material of the blanket is made of softshell, which also makes it easy to clean.

Carry or store children’s blanket on the go

Belieff’s blanket is easy to carry and store thanks to its click system. The blanket is washable at 40 degrees. Via the sewn-in Velcro strip, the blankets can be upgraded with an electric heater, which you can attach to the blanket in different ways.

100% machine washable and easy to clean

You can easily clean the inside and outside of the blanket and footmuff with a damp cloth. You can also choose to use the washing machine since the blanket is machine washable. The blanket is washable at 40 degrees and will come out spotless.

Combining children’s blanket with heating

Blankets are often bought in combination with electric heating. This heats up to 3 hours at 35-42 degrees! You can buy these with a pillow and cover. They can be easily attached via the sewn-in Velcro strip on the inside of the blanket. Order the extra warmth for cold days here!

Buy Kids blanket for your family or friends

*For orders of 5 blankets or more, different prices apply and we can personalise it with logos and house styles, ask here for the possibilities.

Belieff, prepared for your adventure!

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