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Belieff Warm Outdoor Blanket Close


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What size blanket should I have?

Body length Size Blanket length Blanket width Footbag
110-140 XS/S 100 cm 80 cm 42×24 cm
140-170 M 120 cm 90 cm 48×26 cm
160-190 L 140 cm 100 cm 50×35 cm
170-190 XL 170 cm 110 cm

Wind and waterproof

Double-lined fleece

Warm fully dense fleece blanket with hand pockets
Dirt-repellent soft-shell material on the outside

Cord to tighten blanket against your body
Roll and click storage system
100% washing machine resistant

Suitable for shoes with studs

Upgrade: possible with
electric heating

Dimensions: L140 x W 100 x H 35

Close blanket explanation in 1 minute

Wind and waterproof dense blanket for adults, it will keep you warm for that

The double-lined dense fleece blanket is ideal for anyone to stay warm with the colder days. Belieff developed the blanket specifically to keep you warm while you sit comfortably, no matter the weather conditions. No need to take off your shoes to put your feet in the bag. The hand pockets ensure that all extremities of your body are kept warm. These are the first parts of the body to get cold, which is why you need to keep them well warm.

Cold hands and feet make it difficult to experience warmth, get warm and/or stay warm periods of cold. With Belieff’s blankets, this is now a thing of the past, sit warm and comfortable during the cold winter months, no matter the conditions.

Wheelchair blanket with pvc underlayment (2020) 4

The inside is double-lined fleece. The exterior is durable and dirt-repellent soft-shell material.

The inside is designed to keep you well warm while being soft to the touch. It is double-lined so you don’t have to worry about weather conditions. The exterior material is made of soft-shell and is dirt and water repellent. The perfect combination!

Double lined, leg protection and hand pockets

This double-lined and warm fleece blanket from Belieff features leg protection and hand pockets, keeping the extremities of the body optimally warm, because when we experience warmth on our hands and feet we are more resilient to the coldest days in the indoor and outdoors. Belieff’s blanket is easy to carry and store due to its click-on system.

Carry or store dense blanket on the go?

The fleece blanket is very easy to roll up and fasten with a click system. As a result, the blanket takes up almost no space and is easy to store or take outside yourself.

Mobility scooter blanket-close-buy-Belieff

The blanket is 100% machine washable

You can easily clean the inside and outside with a cloth. Also, the blanket is machine washable. Throw it in the washing machine at 40 degrees without worry.

Dense outdoor blanket combine with heating

Often blankets are purchased in conjunction with electric heating. This one heats up to 3 hours at 35-42 degrees! You can buy these with a cushion and cover. Through the sewn-in Velcro strip, the blankets can be upgraded with an electric heating, which you can attach to the blanket in different ways.

You can find these
order and is your heat solution for the winter times!

Buy dense outdoor blanket for your family or friends?

*For purchases of 5 or more blankets, other prices apply and we can personalize it with logos and branding, ask herefor the possibilities.

Belieff, prepared for your adventure!

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