Cozy fleece blankets various colors


Cozy fleece blankets various colors

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Warm and cozy on the couch!

This large blanket for the couch has all the comforts. A nice foot pocket to knee height, a nice teddy soft fabric and a comfortable seat. Also easy to take with you!

Size XL: L180 x W85

Foot bag up to knee height

Drawstrings on the foot bag


Belieff fleece Cozy blanket colors in 30 seconds

Belieff fleece blanket with foot bag on couch, you’ll stay for that

Fleece cozy blankets for the sofa are made of soft fleece, making it very warm and comfortable. In addition, it is more durable than fabrics al wool or cotton. The high foot pocket means your feet will never cool off and the hand pockets keep your hands nice and warm.

Fleece cozy blankets are available in 4 colors and great to pair with a fleece poncho. The various Fleece blankets are made so that you can roll all the way around in them.

Special pockets for hands and feet

Your hands and feet are the first parts of your body to get cold, which is why you need to keep them well warm. With the double-lined foot bag, your feet will stay wonderfully warm. In addition, you can easily put your hands in the hand pockets and you are a lovely warm coal,

Save money on your energy bill

Not only will you stay nice and warm, you won’t have to stoke as hard to get warm in your home. Your wallet will be happy with that. Especially now that prices are soaring. Pair a warm fleece Cozy blanket with a matching fleece poncho at:

Upgrade your blanket to a Cozy blanket Deluxe that is double-lined and electrically heated.

In addition to these wonderfully warm Belieff fleece blankets, The Cozydeken Deluxe can upgrade them with electric heating. This allows you to warm up the blanket ahead of time and get on the couch in a lovely pre-heated blanket. You can easily operate the control panel with a single button. The heating element heats between 38 and 42 degrees. These blankets can be found at the following link:

Belieff - Buy blanket cozy 5

Buying cozy blanket for the couch for your family or friends?

*For purchases of 5 or more blankets, other prices apply and we can personalize it with logos and branding, ask
for the possibilities.

Belieff, prepared for your adventure!

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