Belieff warm softshell poncho

Belieff warm softshell poncho


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Dirt-repellent soft-shell material on the outside

Warm fleece on the inside

Hand pockets + convenient front pocket

Cord to tighten

100% washing machine resistant

Suitable for sand, sea and beach

Dimension: W 80 x H 110

Water and dirt repellent softshell outer poncho with hand pockets and handy pocket, that will keep you warm

The softshell poncho is made of softshell material and is water and wind repellent. This is nice on the side in the cold Dutch seasons.A softshell is windproof and breathable. The big advantage of softshell ponchos is the tremendous freedom of movement they allow you to maintain. In the rain it is perfectly tolerable, although of course you should not stand in the storm. Hit the beach with confidence, even when it’s cold.

The poncho also features hand pockets to keep those extremities of your body warm. These are the first body parts to get cold, which is why you need to keep them well warm.

Cold hands make it difficult to experience warmth, get warm and/or stay warm periods of cold. With Belieff’s ponchos, this is now a thing of the past and you will be warm and comfortable no matter what the conditions.

Blanket with PVC backing - Belieff

The inside is made of warm fleece and the hat is made of terry material inside

The inside is designed to keep you well warm while being soft to the touch. It is made of fleece, except for the hat, which is made of terry cloth material. The exterior material is made of soft-shell and is dirt and water repellent. The perfect combination!

Performs best on beach, e.g. after kiting, surfing, swimming, diving and supping

This warm fleece poncho from Belieff features hand pockets, keeping the extremities of the body optimally warm, because when we experience warmth on our hands and feet, we are more resistant to the coldest days in the indoor and outdoors.

Easy to roll up in hood and carry or store

As you can see in the picture, you can easily roll up both ponchos in the hood and pull on the drawstring. So you can easily take it anywhere and store it.

Belieff - Buy warm poncho 21

Washing the poncho in the washing machine

You can easily clean the outside, and the inside of the poncho with a cloth. The ponchos are also machine washable. You wash these safely at 30 degrees. Not suitable for the dryer.

Buy softshell poncho with pockets for your family or friends?

*For large orders other prices apply and we can personalize it with logos and branding, ask
for the possibilities.

Belieff, prepared for your adventure!

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